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10 influential Swiss women making a splash

When we think of the female icons of Switzerland, we often think of Heidi, Helvetia, Ursula Andress or Lara Gut... They are now joined by icons of social media who are also shining a little light on our country.

Through their articles, videos and photos – and with thousands of followers – bloggers and YouTube vloggers have become the new references to follow. Love them or loathe them, they set the pace in our social networks brilliantly and help us to dream with their ultra trendy looks. But who are they? Introducing today’s most influential Swiss ‘It girls’:

1. Kayture – Kristina Bazan – 2.4 million followers on Instagram

This 22-year-old Swiss woman is one of the most followed female bloggers in the world. Originally from Belarus, she grew up in Begnins in the canton of Vaud. Elected Miss Photogenic at the Miss Switzerland contest in 2011, her blog ‘Kayture’ (a play on words between Kristina and couture) is a huge success. A true entrepreneur, she has since moved to Los Angeles, where she is working with some of the biggest brands on the planet, such as Chopard, Dior, Thierry Mugler, L'Oréal and Cartier. After her first autobiographical book ‘On the Go’ and her first single ‘Out’, nothing seems to be able to stop her!

Kayture - Kristina Bazan

2. Dear Caroline – Caroline Leuba - 388 thousand followers on YouTube

A true internet phenomenon, Caroline made her debut on YouTube in the canton of Ticino. Surrounded mainly by men at her work, she felt the need to find her ‘girly’ side and to continue to express herself in French, defending her French-speaking origins. On her YouTube channel, she talks plainly about everything and with a marked sense of self-derision. With her faithful ‘chipies’ (the name she gives her followers), Carotte (as they call her in return) has built up a remarkable relationship of trust over the years.

Dear Caroline
© Dear Caroline

3. Soraya Bakhtiar – 84.4 thousand followers on Instagram

Soraya, 26, has Iranian and Egyptian origins. When she is not in London or in Dubai for professional appointments, she comes back to Geneva, the city where she grew up. Her eponymous blog was launched in 2012 while she was working in London for Elle UK. Often compared to Garance Dorée, she has managed to gradually make a name for herself in the world of fashion. So what does she like? Mixing street style with big brands. And she has been rather successful at it, as you can see with her collaboration with Piaget and Rita & Zia.

Soraya Bakhtiar
Instagram © Soraya Bakhtiar

4. The Fashion Fraction – Michèle Krüsi – 81.7 followers on Instagram

Michèle, 25, founded her blog in Zurich in 2010, focusing on fashion and lifestyle with a distinctive style of authenticity and frankness. When a subject disturbs her, she doesn’t keep it to herself and immediately publishes what she thinks in her blog. Her stylish look, which combines the sharp eye of an artistic director and attention to detail, has landed her work with brands such as Swarovski, Adidas, Diesel, Gant and Hermès.

The Fashion Fraction – Michèle Krüsi
© Michèle Krüsi

5. Wallace Yolicia – 73.5 thousand followers on Instagram

Yolicia is a student in management and psychology, and since 2014 has also been known as a street-style blogger, a status she constantly confirms through her choice of outfits. Often to be found wearing high heels, a shaggy coat and bright lipstick, the young woman from Neuchâtel does not go unnoticed in the street nor on social media! She also shares her training sessions on Snapchat to inspire and motivate her followers. “No pain, no gain!”

Wallace Yolicia
Instagram © Wallace Yolicia

6. Era Dyla Hill – 67.3 thousand followers on Instagram

Era, 22, has always lived in Geneva. Initially only known on Instagram, this young Swiss woman was able to create a faithful and very participative community by spending several hours a day answering their questions. Thanks to her style and professionalism, the beautiful blonde attracts small and big brands from all over the world. Thirsty for challenges, she decided to launch her blog in parallel with her studies in 2016 to share in more detail her trendy looks and decorative design ideas. Her personal thing? Opening parcels live on Snapchat and Instagram.

Era Dyla Hill
Instagram © Era Dyla Hill

7. Tiphaine Marie – 61.7 thousand followers on Instagram

At 23, Tiphaine divides her time between her blog and her studies in Lausanne. She reveals her fashion favourites using very professional photos (done by her boyfriend Luca). A globetrotter at heart, she talks about her travels and shares tips on where to go around the world. Her success got her on the cover of a French magazine this year. When will we see her on the cover of Vogue?

Tiphaine Marie
Instagram © Tiphaine Marie

8. Bangbangblond – Alison Liaudat – 31.1 thousand followers on Instagram

Born in Canada, Alison spent her childhood in Blonay in the canton of Vaud. The idea of creating her blog came to her in 2013, when she was working for an online sales site. Fascinated by fashion, it was during a discussion with a blogger friend that she decided to launch her own blog. She has done her job very well and can boast of being, among others, the Swiss ambassador of Calvin Klein and Redken. She is constantly working on collaborations, photo shoots and professional appointments between New York and Europe. Her trademark? Her raised eyebrow.

Instagram © Bangbangblond

9. Blaastyle – Romina Choun – 15 thousand followers on Instagram

This young woman from Lausanne with Asian origins began to blog at 16, eager to share her passion for fashion. After her Bachelor's degree, Romina decided to devote herself to the development of her blog, extending it to include beauty and lifestyle sections. A young entrepreneur at heart, in 2016 she launched a capsule collection with a Swiss brand of handcrafted jewellery. What she loves is to embellish her outfits with accessories or vintage pieces to give them a whole other dimension.

Blaastyle – Romina Choun
© Blaastyle

10. Mercredie – Priscilla Rossi – 13.1 thousand followers on Instagram

Since 2012, Priscilla, 27, has had a simple blog called ‘Mercredie’ (a nod to a character from the Addams family who has always fascinated her), sharing beauty tips and shopping finds, in an easy-going, accessible style. Spending her time between Paris, Newcastle, Chambéry and Geneva, she likes to relax on the shores of Lake Geneva, where she has chosen to live with her partner. Her distinctive curly hair, her plain speaking and her touches of humour are particularly appreciated by her readers.

Mercredie – Priscilla Rossi
Instagram © Mercredie