“Hankook Shell ” is an affiliate of Royal Dutch Shell Group (“Shell), a global energy company leading the energy and petrochemical sector. It has been running the lubricant business in Korea for 55 years.

Shell’s representative premium synthetic engine oil, ‘Shell Helix,’ is one of the most favorite gasoline engine oil brands in 13 countries around the world. It is sold in the Korean market under the slogan of “Shell Helix, the premium synthetic engine oil preferentially selected by consumers.”

The ‘Shell Helix Ultra’ engine oil, which was launched in April 2015, is the premium synthetic engine oil that was made from natural gas for the first time in the world. The ‘Shell PurePlus Technology,’ which uses the GTL (Gas-To-Liquid) technology, completed by 40 years’ R&D and 3,500 patents, converts natural gas into 99.5% pure crystal-clear base oil, and the Active Cleansing Technology which prevents the generation of sludge and cleans remnant sludge, were combined to make this engine oil. This engine oil keeps the engine as clean as if it was a new car, and is excellent in maintaining the viscosity and grade until the next oil change. Also, it is excellent in reducing fuel consumption thanks to its low viscosity and low friction, and as it has low oil evaporative power, it consumes little oil and thus reduces the frequency of oil replenishment.

Shell Helix is supplying engine oil to global prestigious automakers like Ferrari/Maserati, BMW and Chrysler. Shell has a technical partnership in engine oil with the Ferrari F1 Team, and was selected in 2014 as the official title sponsor of ‘Hyundai Shell Mobis World Rally Team.’ In 2015, it was selected as BMW’s pure engine oil supplier, and has been using the Shell PurePlus technology to maintain an extended partnership with BMW Motorsport.

Empowered by the pride in its technical know-how proven by world-class automakers, Shell Helix started the ‘Shell Helix Warranty Program (’ in 2015 for the first time in Korea. This program compensates for repair costs up to KRW10 million depending on mileage or warranty period if the engine develops any problem due to the engine oil while using the Shell Helix synthetic oil products purchased at its over 1,000 Shell Helix warranty program partner merchants around the country. As the conditions for joining the warranty program were extended to 150,000km or 10 years, more consumers will benefit from it. In particular, general consumers who have difficulties managing engine oil and selecting the right engine oil can rest assured with confidence when use this program.

Meanwhile, to help consumers feel closer to the brand, Shell Helix is selecting and awarding a player with the best WAR (Wins Above Replacement) score every month as the ‘Helix Player’ and during the 2016 regular season of professional baseball.

Starting in 2017, Hankook Shell extended the ‘Helix Player’ selection and awards to people who are playing baseball for leisure. As the premium synthetic engine oil, ‘Shell Helix Ultra,’ provides Ultimate Engine Performance, the company is planning to provide continuous support so that the leisure baseball players can display Ultimate Baseball Performance. It is expected that it will further enhance their competitive spirit and improve their skills.

Besides, Hankook Shell is reinforcing its marketing activities for the high-performance and high-output vehicles in the luxury domestic automobile market and the imported car market, the major markets of Shell Helix Ultra, and holding the Shell Helix Tech Lab Road Show to promote the Shell PurePlus technology.

Through its partnership with the House of Switzerland in PyeongChang and its presence with a showroom, Hankook Shell aims to ignite passion for sports among European and Korean fans who love cars and sports.